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Neighborhood Watch


Det. Matthew Hrubes from the Fairfax County Police Gang Coordinator will speak at the May 9th  MVCA general meeting.  

  • He will speak on gangs and gang  activity/influence in our schools and neighborhood.  
  • If you think gang activity and presence in our schools and neighborhood is nonexistent, you need to come to this meeting.  
  • If  you already know of gang activity in our area, you should come and get  an update.   

This is a very salient, current and important topic. 

Learn more about Neighborhood Watch HERE

Public Safety


Pedestrians/Bicyclists/Baby Carriages/Bus and Car Occupants, and Drivers

  • Obey speed limits - provides more time to "assess and react" (i.e. reaction time and stopping distance)
  • Obey STOP, cautionary and warning signs/"NO PASSING" painted double lines and other VDOT signs
  • Learn and follow the rules re School Buses particularly when they are loading/unloading
  • Wear fluorescent/reflective web belts, gloves ,vests, shirts, jackets when walking , jogging or bicycling
  • Earphones cut down your situational awareness
  • Consider carrying cell phone, ID, whistle, small flashlight 
  • Bicyclists need safety devices  (lights, reflectors. spoke  reflectors on bikes; helmets and bell/horn) and protective, reflective clothing
  • Watch for those in crosswalks, on bicycles and on foot

Additional Safety Precautions for your residence

  • Keep some external lighting on in darkness and/or use motion sensitive lighting
  • Keep car doors locked when parked. Keep outer garage doors and the doors between home and garage locked
  • Do not run electrical cords under carpets, rugs
  • Do not overload electrical circuits
  • USE  LED bulbs- be sure to get those marked for indoor/outdoor use  if to be used outside; LED's use much less electricity and last longer
  • DISPOSE of fireplace and BBQ ashes SAFELY OUTSIDE not in a garage, home or under a deck.
  • Avoid use of ladders or standing on chairs and tables.
  • Ensure safety of medicines, pills,etc
  • Know the location of: fire extinguishers, flashlights, water turn-off in house (usually in basement), electrical panel, etc



Your neighbor and Public Safety Chair, John A. Hurley

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