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Neighborhood Watch


Ted Thompson is our MVCA Neighborhood Watch coordinator.

The MVCA Neighborhood Watch Program is a visible, vibrant community service, recognized by the Fairfax County Police as one of the “best and most active” in the County. 

In partnership with the Fairfax County Police Department, Mount Vernon District Station, the purpose of the MVCA Neighborhood Watch is, simply put, to use citizen observers to deter crime in our neighborhood by keeping a watchful eye on our neighbor’s homes and reporting to the police any noted suspicious activities or crimes to the police.  Our physical patrols, at varying times at least once a day, serve as a visible notice to would-be criminals and others that residents are concerned about crime.  We will call the police when we detect unusual or suspicious activity and we take an active part in protecting our homes.

We have recently lost several neighborhood watch participants through attrition and moves out of the area.  While we still have a dedicated team where the participants are sanding a one-week “watch,” conducting patrols of the neighborhood approximately once every 14 weeks, we are actively seeking to expand the team with new volunteers to keep the program strong.

We encourage you to become involved as a member of this important volunteer action team.

Please call Ted Thompson to learn more and to join our dedicated team. 703-780-1972 (H), or contact Ted at the dedicated neighborhood watch email at  

Learn more about Neighborhood Watch HERE

Public Safety


Pedestrians/Bicyclists/Baby Carriages/Bus and Car Occupants, and Drivers

  • Obey speed limits - provides more time to "assess and react" (i.e. reaction time and stopping distance)
  • Obey STOP, cautionary and warning signs/"NO PASSING" painted double lines and other VDOT signs
  • Learn and follow the rules re School Buses particularly when they are loading/unloading
  • Wear fluorescent/reflective web belts, gloves ,vests, shirts, jackets when walking , jogging or bicycling
  • Earphones cut down your situational awareness
  • Consider carrying cell phone, ID, whistle, small flashlight 
  • Bicyclists need safety devices  (lights, reflectors. spoke  reflectors on bikes; helmets and bell/horn) and protective, reflective clothing
  • Watch for those in crosswalks, on bicycles and on foot

Additional Safety Precautions for your residence

  • Keep some external lighting on in darkness and/or use motion sensitive lighting
  • Keep car doors locked when parked. Keep outer garage doors and the doors between home and garage locked
  • Do not run electrical cords under carpets, rugs
  • Do not overload electrical circuits
  • USE  LED bulbs- be sure to get those marked for indoor/outdoor use  if to be used outside; LED's use much less electricity and last longer
  • DISPOSE of fireplace and BBQ ashes SAFELY OUTSIDE not in a garage, home or under a deck.
  • Avoid use of ladders or standing on chairs and tables.
  • Ensure safety of medicines, pills,etc
  • Know the location of: fire extinguishers, flashlights, water turn-off in house (usually in basement), electrical panel, etc



Your neighbor and Public Safety Chair, John A. Hurley

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